End Discriminatory Prosecution

A fair shake for all, not just a select few

Conscious and unconscious biases affect many everyday human interactions. People intentionally or unintentionally refuse to examine the values, beliefs or policies that adversely affect the rights of others.

Unfortunately, the legal and law enforcement professions are often lacking the self-examination or educational experiences that help minimize the effects of biases, causing a great deal of individual and social harm.

Race based discrimination, of course, has been dominant over the years, but Columbia County has not lacked its share of social, economic and political discrimination. These discriminations can harm defendants, but victims also suffer and many are treated equally unfairly.

Unexamined bias starts at the top of the system when arbitrary, capricious and top down decisions decide the fate of cases. Gene Keeler will form teams with professional experts and community advisors to help counterbalance any one person’s individual biases in determining the fate of every defendant and victim.

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